AcademicWorks Enhances Services to Canada 

The platform for managing scholarships, bursaries, and donor reporting

Improve student access to scholarship and bursary funds

A single website makes it easy to promote all scholarships and bursaries on campus to your student population.  Every student receives a unique view of scholarships and bursaries they are most qualified for.  Our integration with your student information system shortens the time it takes to complete applications and improves the quality and accuracy of data on each application.  

Enhance cross-functional visibility throughout the scholarship and bursary processes 

Keep your scholarship and bursary processes running on time and efficiently by giving cross-functional stakeholders access to one central platform. Flexible permissions provide access to information while keeping student data protected. Also, with access to view all scholarship and bursary recipients it is easy to complete campus-wide audits for fund utilization and compliance. 

Revolutionize donor reporting 

We provide access to curated fund financial data, donor contact information, and beneficiary information, creating one unified database for donor reporting.  User roles and permissions are available to curate donor communications without affecting your system of record. 

Data securely hosted in Quebec for all Canadian campuses

AcademicWorks has responded to the desire to house data locally now has a new data center operational in Montreal, Quebec for all of our Canadian clients!

NEW from AcademicWorks!

Eliminate the risk from manual calculations of total need from bursary financial need forms with new calculated question types. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide numerical values between two numerical fields.